Do you believe in God or a higher power? Do you feel you receives guidance from God, spirit guides, or the universe through synchronicities? Do you have recurring patterns or chronic illness that you are looking to manage? Do you have an interest in energy work, chakras, or spiritual awakening? Spiritual counseling can help!

Spiritual counseling incorporates your belief in entities such as God, a higher power, or the universe. Spiritual counseling is also digging deeper to clear the subconscious blocks and wounds that affect your ability to fully access your divine self, your soul, or who you truly are at your core. You may think one thing but feel another, and this helps you to look more closely at those feelings. For example, you may think everything is fine but have recurring anxiety based dreams. This is showing there is something that is causing you anxiety that you are suppressing. Or maybe you wake up starting your day feeling anxious but can’t figure out why. Suppressing is often done unconsciously, which is why doing inner work to access those unconscious suppressed emotions is important to heal and release them.

Spiritual counseling also looks at emotions as energy in emotion and helps you heal and clear those energy blocks that are building inside of you that may lead to chronic illnesses, both physical and psychological. Some films that I like that speak to this are E-Motion 2.0 and Heal.

Spiritual counseling also helps you re-examine your beliefs and challenge the fear based ego/head space thoughts and replace with the love that’s at the core of your being. It is also about self love, which is learning to love yourself wholly and completely and feeling comfortable looking at the “shadow spots” within your subconscious that are needing love.

I am able to help with all of these things!