Do you need help with:

  • Healing from a break-up
  • Trying to make sense out of relationship patterns you’ve noticed in yourself
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships you are satisfied with (romantic, social, family, etc)
  • Feeling stuck and wanting change in your life
  • Finding and living your life purpose
  • Creating happiness within yourself rather than searching for it outside of yourself
  • Healing the relationship with yourself
  • Self-love
  • Self-compassion
  • Sadness or depression
  • Worry or anxiety
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Healing inner subconscious wounds
  • Modifying recurring patterns within your relationships


I can help you with these things!


I really enjoy helping my clients experience fulfilling and rewarding lives and relationships. I have found that many of my clients have come to see me for individual counseling due to feelings of anxiety, depression, or feeling stuck in life, though through our work together, we discover often there is a relational context that is contributing to that, including unresolved childhood wounds or attachment that developed from a prior relationship, perhaps with a parent, with childhood peers, or in another relational context. Once this connection is made, I have seen so much relief in my clients as they work towards healing these wounds and making changes in their lives that help them to feel happier, less anxious, less depressed, and more in control of how they are feeling.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I believe many problems have a relational context. Sometimes, interacting with a parent, spouse, roommate, or coworker, for example, may trigger something in you. Whether it’s annoyance, frustration, stress, avoidance, anxiety, or maybe the interactions even cause you to have nightmares. I can help you figure out what is being triggered, why you are being triggered (as this is usually a core issue from your past), and help you heal and dissolve the trigger to then make more space for happiness in your life!


I used to specialize in relationship counseling but now find working with the relationship with yourself to be much more effective and important.  As you heal yourself, you will also notice changes in your relationships.


Don’t hesitate to take the steps for the relationship and life that you want! We can also schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to make sure I am the right fit for your therapy needs. Schedule an appointment with me today!