Depression and Anxiety

Worry and sadness are human emotions.  But, when they become more chronic or the symptoms more severe,  affecting your work or school performance, relationships, or emotional well-being, that is when it is important to talk to a therapist.  Take this anxiety screening questionnaire  or depression screening questionnaire to see if it might be helpful to schedule an appointment to discuss how you’re feeling.

Please remember, these are just screening tools and not a substitute for professional advice.  Only a doctor or licensed mental health provider can provide an actual diagnosis.  These screening tools are here as an informational guide to help you determine whether it would be helpful to see someone for  further help.




Welcome to your Mini Quiz on Relationships

How many years after a problem has started do couples typically wait to seek professional help?
Are most problems in relationships solvable?
If you and your partner are fighting, does that means your relationship is doomed?
Can couples counseling help?