Are you engaged and preparing to get married? Or, are you on the path to getting engaged and want to make sure you are prepared for marriage?  Or, is your relationship generally going pretty well but feel it could be tweaked a bit to feel even better?


I can help!  Communication and connection are the “Big C’s” in relationships.  Let’s strengthen what is working and make changes to what is not working.  I can help you feel fully prepared and confident to handle conflict, discuss hopes, dreams, and values, increase closeness, and better understand the underlying reasons behind any distress cycles in your relationship and what to do about this.


I integrate evidence-based approaches in working with couples.  Here, I can also teach you about what research has shown to effectively help relationships.


I am certified in Prepare-Enrich, which is an evidence-based pre-marital counseling program, focusing on preparing you for some of the most common issues couples face in marriage.  This includes an optional relationship assessment and a workbook to guide the sessions.  This program can be tailored to pre-marital counseling with or without a religious focus, it can focus on the uniqueness of blending families, and it can help with relationship tune-ups.


I also have training in Gottman Method Couples Counseling and Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling.  I combine each of these research-based methods for a powerful experience in helping you to create the relationship of your dreams.


Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?  Contact me to schedule an appointment or 15-minute phone consultation.


*Presently all sessions are being conducted via telehealth video sessions.*