Are you noticing a change in your relationship? Perhaps it feels like the connection is gone, you feel like you are more of a roommate with your partner, or you find yourselves fighting all of the time? You’re wondering if things will ever get better or back to the way they once were. You may be feeling scared, sad, angry, worried, or frustrated about what the future holds for your relationship. Or perhaps you are struggling in healing from a recent break-up, tend to notice patterns of choosing the “same type” of partner who really are not a good fit for you, or seem to have trouble with having relationships that you are happy with.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place. My passion is relationships! I work hard to stay on top of research on what makes relationships work and as a therapist, it’s important to me to be using a model that is evidenced based with proven outcomes.  Therefore, I weave Gottman Method Couples Counseling and Emotion Focused Couples Counseling models into my couples work.

I am able to help with relationship problems such as:

  • managing conflict or being able to discuss conflict in a way that does not feel like it spirals out of control
  • increasing connection so you are feeling more like romantic partners again
  • discovering ways to bring the fun, friendship, laughter, and intimacy back into your relationship
  • helping you both to talk and really hear one another to help you each feel understood and get your needs met within the relationship
  • learning how to effectively communicate about ongoing problems, such as those that feel like they become the same argument over and over again
  • learning how to talk about external stress (such as from family or work) so it doesn’t negatively impact your relationship
  • rebuilding trust

Additionally, with individuals I am able to help with relational problems such as:

  • coping with the pain from a difficult break-up
  • help you to look at dating and relationship patterns you are wanting to change or make sense out of
  • helping you to determine what type of partner would be a right fit for you

I like to think of a relationship like a house. Although each house is designed differently, the foundation must be sturdy. Let me help you reset the foundation. We will work together to remodel and design your ideal relationship house from the bottom up. I will collaborate with you to clarify your goals and break down barriers that prevent you from having the relationship you want. Whether it’s rebuilding a new house or just remodeling a section (or what I like to think of as a relationship tune-up), think of today as the first day of the rest of your relationship–I look forward to getting started with you!

My clients are single, married, or dating. I also work with engaged couples who are seeking pre-marital counseling or trying to iron out the kinks in the relationship before getting married. In addition to my work with couples, I also enjoy working with singles who have been impacted by social or relationship problems.

Don’t hesitate to take the steps for the relationship you want! Contact me today to schedule an appointment!

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