**I am currently providing telehealth video sessions for those who live in Illinois.  You can receive therapy through the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Video sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions.**


Hi, I’m Carolyn!  Thanks so much for visiting my website! I have found in my work as a therapist that so many of my clients desire love at the core of who they are. Many people look for love in the best way they know how, which is often through dating and relationships, though still find themselves feeling unfulfilled or noticing similar patterns showing up.  I have found that working on the relationship with yourself is much more powerful, helps you feel more fulfilled, and you then attract partners that are a good fit for you and enhance the love you have for yourself.  This is what the core of my practice focuses on–truly learning to love yourself and identify and heal any barriers to this!


Have you ever asked yourself why you always end up with the same type of partner, why your parents or partner just know which buttons to push to upset you,  feel like things just don’t go your way or you just can’t get that break, or find yourself feeling like something is just missing but you can’t pinpoint exactly what?  Or perhaps you have the same fight or pattern showing up in your relationships repeatedly?  You may also have things that you want to do when you think about it, but something prevents you from moving forward and you’re unsure why.  Or perhaps there’s a pattern you’re trying to break and in your head you tell yourself to not take action or not to say something, but you still do and can’t figure out why.


In our work together, we will look at your thoughts, which comes from your conscious mind.  But, we will also look at what’s coming up in your subconscious mind.  Many of my clients have shared that they felt things started to make sense for them when accessing their subconscious and have noticed more significant changes and movement forward in their lives in doing this type of work.


You may have heard that the subconscious self runs about 90% of your life and the conscious self about 10% of your life.  I think you’d agree that these percentages make it really important to look more closely at what’s coming up within your subconscious self.  It’s common to suppress fears and wounds without even realizing it.  But, don’t worry, I can help you identify what’s “underneath the surface” and  change unserving patterns that are coming up within you.


Are you ready to get “unstuck”, find more meaning in life, identify your purpose, find happiness and fulfillment, change unserving patterns, and learn to love yourself through the process of improving the relationship with yourself?  If yes, please contact me so I can help you on your path to healing.


Outside of individual counseling work, I am Certified in Prepare-Enrich for couples who are seeking pre-marital counseling.


I really look forward to hearing from you!   I invite you to call me at 312.809.7017 or send me a message through the contact form below to schedule an appointment or a free 15 minute consultation.


Ingrained in my work is a belief by the poet Rumi: ” Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  We will identify those subconscious barriers within yourself that need to be healed!  I look forward to helping you take some of those steps to have the life that you desire and deserve!


**If this is a crisis or mental health emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.**